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2015 Update:

In January 2015 ITRC published a new Risk Assessment web-based guidance document: Decision Making at Contaminated Sites: Issues and Options in Human Health Risk Assessment (RISK-3)

Pre-Implementation Project Summary Statement (PDF)

Conferences and Presentations

The Risk Assessment Resources Team regularly participated and presented at the International Society of Risk Analysis (SRA) Annual Meetings (view a few of the presentations below) and at the Midwestern Risk Assessment Forum. The team also coordinated with SRA in co-sponsoring workshops on Probabilistic Risk Assessments. The team worked closely with all federal partners, including EPA’s Annual Science Forum, DOE’s risk-based end state development, and DOD’s work on ARAMS model development.

Is a Sample a Site?   Making Sense of Sites: Risk Assessment as a Decision-Making Tool in Site Cleanup (PDF)

Insights On Use and Implementation of Risk-Based Criteria at Sites by Various State Regulators (PDF)

Approaches and Assumptions of Risk-based Soil Screening Values (PDF)

ARAM™/SADA Technology Transfer Workshop
October 6-8, 2008, Kennebunkport, Maine


Adaptive Risk Assessment Modeling System (ARAMS)
A computer-based, modeling- and database-driven analysis system for estimating human and ecological health impacts and risks associated with potential contaminants of concern. ARAMS is based on a widely accepted risk paradigm that integrates exposure and effects assessments to characterize risk.