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The Attenuation Processes for Metals and Radionuclides document facilitates implementation of the new EPA guidance for monitored natural attenuation (MNA) of metals and radionuclides with a framework providing a consistent basis for states, stakeholders, federal agencies, and site owners to evaluate and implement attenuation-based remedies.
The Metals in Soils documents address soil washing and the emerging technologies of phytoremediation, electrokinetics, and in situ stabilization and inactivation.
The Mining Waste web-based document identifies and evaluates emerging and innovative technologies that can cost-effectively and successfully be used to characterize, remove, treat, reuse, or stabilize mining, milling, processing, and smelting wastes and mining-impacted water. The document also addresses state or federal regulatory obstacles to deployment of conventional or innovative environmental technologies at mine-impacted properties and approaches and/or solutions to overcome regulatory barriers.
The Permeable Reactive Barriers (PRBs) documents provide a comprehensive resource for design and implementation of PRBs. A PRB is an in situ permeable treatment zone designed to intercept and remediate a contaminant groundwater plume. The newest technology update document incorporates elements from previous documents and provides updates on additional types of reactive media, treatable contaminants, longevity issues, and new construction/installation approaches and technologies.
The Radionuclides documents address characterizing radioactively contaminated sites, cleanup goals, decontamination and decommissioning, and long-term stewardship.
The Small Arms Firing Range documents address strategies for removing the threat that metal contamination presents at closed small arms firing ranges and developing, using, and monitoring environmental management plans at active ranges.
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